AGV for Food and Beverage industry

Food and beverage industry AGVs

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe offers several durable and flexible automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions for the food and beverage industry that use modularity to achieve traceability.

Automating food and beverage logistics in pursuit of total traceability

Due to the often perishable nature of their stock, food and beverage industry players must know where their goods are at all times and cannot afford for any of it to go missing. When forklifts are driven by humans, this is not always achieved, as errors occur and humans cannot always access all areas. Enter Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe and our AGVs, which automate forklift operations and advance progress towards total traceability.

Allow your packaging company to achieve high levels of space utilization and throughput.

Mistubishi Logisnext Europe can provide tangible benefits for your food and beverage facility with its flexible, modular and durable AGVs, combined with deep industry experience. Your food and beverage logistics efforts can then trace stock at all times, reduce damage, and cut costs. The AGVs are based on our in-house software and can work seamlessly alongside human operators. Our range of AGVs is certain to have a perfect solution for your facility. Read more about the types of vehicles you can use to automate your operations via the links below.

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