Optimal Automation – Defined by Your Processes

Optimal automation means solutions that are built to optimally serve your specific intralogistics processes. The fluency of your operations defines the level of automation rather than the other way. Our priority is to ensure that your business is running in the most optimal and efficient way, today and tomorrow.

Find the perfect balance between automation and manual operations

Our solution combines the best of AGVs and manual lift trucks, their abilities and technical features to create a perfect mix for your fleet. As a comprehensive solution provider, we offer a wide range of material handling solutions and services from AGVs and manually operated forklifts to racking, AGV system software and intralogistics consultation. We ensure that each solution is designed for your specific needs.

Build a dream team

Like in any sports team, every player has their own strength and position. So do the AGVs and the manual forklifts. To build a winning team, you need a perfect combination of different skills, optimal for their place and role.

Mixed fleet means team play; AGVs work with repetitive, tiresome and burdensome tasks, and humans tackle the jobs requiring precision and creative decision-making. Fluent operations and seamless collaboration with manual lift trucks and other people-driven operations make your logistics fluent and allow you to adjust to variations in capacity demands.

Mastering the material flow control

In our solution, the same process can be handled by AGV or manual operator, which increases flexibility significantly.

We help you to pinpoint the processes where automation creates the most value. Agility to allocate tasks to both automated and manual operators, depending on the process, schedule and prioritisation, creates the optimal utility rate. Our system software optimises the material flow and maximises efficiency, creating a comprehensive intralogistics solution where everything works smoothly and reliably, accelerating your business.

Contact our experts for a more thorough walkthrough on the possibilities and advantages of optimal automation.

We have a solution – the perfect balance between automation and manual operations


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