Rocla FleetController Optimization for AGV


Logisnext Solutions software is the key to optimal automation. Combining efficiency with ease of use, FleetController Suite is a software solution for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). It connects with your WMS (Warehouse Management System) and keeps the fleet running by automatically optimising the routes and orders for maximum fleet capacity. This facilitates high-throughput material flow.

Next generation software for AGVs

A large logistics facility may have dozens of AGVs operating simultaneously. While AGVs operate autonomously, something further is needed to ensure that the entire facility operates logically and with the best exploitation of all resources. This is where the FleetController’s optimisation comes in.
FleetController Suite comes with proprietary optimisation logic that scales automatically to material flow demands. Designed and developed in-house, its algorithms are based on decades of experience in automation.

Route Optimizer finds a deadlock-free path to each AGV order and calculates drive time estimates

The two layers of algorithms are Order Optimizer and Route Optimizer, which together automatically optimize how orders are allocated and executed. Order Optimizer finds the right AGV for each order, with continually optimizing plans over time. Route Optimizer finds a deadlock-free path to each AGV order and calculates drive time estimates for Order Optimizer and the facility’s Warehouse Management System.

Route Optimizer can offer your facility up to 38% more capacity, free it from deadlocks and eliminate the need for traffic rules on site. Order Optimizer can boost AGVs’ performance by 10%,.
Finally, these optimization algorithms of FleetController can be scaled to all AGVs and other vehicles in future, meaning your facility can continue to make its operations leaner and more efficient.

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