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Rocla Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Solutions solve customers’ logistics challenges, enabling high material flow, reliability and cost efficiencies. The solutions are much more than just vehicles: they are a full service that combines our FleetController software and Life Cycle Services to ensure your logistics investments can continue to yield value for decades.

Life-cycle automation solutions backed up by global reach

Our company began offering automation solutions to clients in 1983 under the name Rocla. Since 2020, the company has traded as Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy. To date, we have delivered thousands of AGVs worldwide, including to the warehouse and logistics, manufacturing, paper, tyre, and food and beverages industries.

Rocla AGV Solutions is a brand of Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe, which employs 500 professionals in Järvenpää, Finland. Globally, the Mitsubishi Logisnext Group employees 11,000 staff, operates in 17 countries, and has a sales presence in more than 100 countries.

Rocla AGV Solutions is committed to providing each customer with an automation solution that will serve their business needs in the long term. Our automation experts go with the customer every step of the cycle, improving the customer’s logistical performance and retaining the value of their assets. This cycle can be broken down into six phases:


We delve into the customer’s business to get to know it thoroughly, finding out what it is that makes their operations tick and what their automation needs are. We conduct problem analyses and assess how automation could benefit their operations.

Solution design

We design an automation solution, consisting of hardware, software and services, that can best serve the customer and their logistical needs. Here, our focus is on improvement planning: how our can solutions energize our customer’s business and streamline material flow.

Investment planning

Our automation experts go with the customer every step of the cycle

Logistics automation is a large investment, which is why we advise the customer on just what they need for their businesses. We are as keen to achieve an investment of the right size as the customer is. We draw on our decades of experience to give them all the information they need to make the appropriate investment decision.

Installation support

When the investment has been made and the time comes for the AGV solution, both hardware and software, to be installed in the customer’s site, we are there every step of the way to ensure success. For example, before delivery there is a factory acceptance test, and when the solution is commissioned, we test and fine-tune load-handling positions. When your staff are trained in the solution, our engineers are on standby to make adjustments, if necessary, and ensure good working order.

Digital services

Our proprietary FleetController software applies artificial intelligence to keep your automation solution running as efficiently as possible. It prevents bottlenecks, reduces vehicles’ idling time, and avoids traffic deadlock in your logistics environment. FleetController means the AGVs are situationally aware throughout their life cycle, eliminating damage and retaining the value of your business’s investment.

Life Cycle Services

We are committed to ensuring our customers can derive business benefits from their automated logistics solutions for as long as possible That is why we provide Life Cycle Services: our professionals ensure your AGV solution is always up to date and, when necessary, modernized. This avoids expensive “rip and replace” equipment updates and the associated high costs. Life Cycle Services comes in a range of solution packages, one of which is certain to fit your business’s needs.

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