Warehouse Automation

Rocla automated guided vehicles (AGVs) allow your warehouse to automate its functions using solutions that can be adapted to the most common industrial settings.

Industry tailored AGV solution

Tailored AGV solutions for your industry

Deploying AGV technology enables higher material flow, more cost efficiencies and reduced damage, while the modular technology provides a customized solution.

Rocla Life Cycle Services for AGV

Continual performance improvement

With Rocla AGV solutions, your logistics facility won’t stand still. The team is there to support you, helping you boost efficiency and achieve continual improvement.

The Rocla AGV Solution for Warehouse Automation

Efficient logistics for manufacturing
  • Wide range of models for warehouses
  • Proven record in warehouses
  • Tangible cost and efficiency benefits
  • Cut IT costs through integration
  • Increase efficiency through digitalization
  • Reduce maintenance with remote diagnostics
Rocla Fleetcontroller AGV Software
  • User friendly
  • Developed by us in-house
  • Industry-leading product optimization
Rocla Life Cycle Services for AGV
  • Retain asset value
  • Smartly timed maintenance proposals
  • Audits by us to map your specific needs
Calculate your savings Rocla
  • Calculate return on investment
  • See why not deploying AGVs could cost
  • Discover tangible monetary benefit
Mixed Manual and Automated Warehouse Fleet Operations
  • Agile and flexible
  • Allows you to cut costs and risks
  • Compatible with existing operations

Warehouse logistics: perfectly suited for automation with AGVs

Warehouse logistics operations face high demands, but are also challenged by the uneven return on investment if fully automated. Automating all processes may not be worth it, as the risk is over-automation and poor return on investment. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are perfectly suited to solving these challenges.

Rocla AGVs are delivered on a modular basis: they are adjusted to your site’s needs while still using the tried and trusted technology our customers rely on worldwide.

Our warehouse customers worldwide trust AGVs to reduce costs, automate intelligently and raise their profitability.

Typical warehouse operations may feature narrow aisles and other spatial constraints. In these conditions, automated solutions and manual labour can work well side by side, with humans’ problem-solving ability complementing AGVs’ reliability and impeccable safety. AGVs reduce risk by automating material flow. They are also safer than manual operations, with a range of tracking options available to secure seamless and flawless AGV moments in your facility.

Our warehouse customers worldwide trust AGVs to reduce costs, automate intelligently and raise their profitability. Are you ready to join them and extract all the benefits from automation?

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