The best of both worlds with mixed fleet operations

Introducing the next-generation material handling that seamlessly integrates the best of automated and manual operations. This allows your logistics facility to both cut costs and risks while remaining agile and flexible.

Combining the best of manual and automated logistical operations

In logistics, finding the optimal level of automation is key. This means finding the perfect balance between automation and manual operations. This ensures maximum capacity use of fleets and the ability to adjust to variations in capacity demands.

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe is able to offer tailor-made material handling solutions for each specific process by combining the intelligence and efficiency of AGVs with the flexibility and adaptability of traditional solutions.

It enables AGVs to work together with people and manual vehicles

The tricky part is to ensure that AGV systems can operate in the same area  as manually operated forklifts and react to unexpected situations. Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe offers a solution that benefits from a new pallet finding technology that combines AI-based machine vision with trajectory planning. It enables AGVs to work together with people and manual vehicles and adapt to current processes with human-like problem-solving skills. This means a smooth pick up when the pallet placement and the programmed route do not match, such as, for example, if a person has carelessly placed a pallet. The solution fits in the existing infrastructure with minimal changes and makes the process robust, scalable and compatible with existing operations.

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