Rocla FleetController Dashboard for AGV

Dashboard: real-time view of your fleet

FleetController comes with a Dashboard, a novel browser-based tool for monitoring, optimizing, and managing automated guided vehicle (AGV) operations. Ideally, the AGV fleet manages itself. However, should the need arise, the Dashboard is only one browser-window away.

Dashboard: Real-time oversight of AGV operations

Dashboard offers a window into the operations of the AGV system at any time, combining the monitoring data into a unified and intuitive user interface. Dashboard is designed for factory and warehouse operators who manage the AGV system and need information about the automated intra logistics process at a glance. Dashboard delivers real-time data of the fleet operations. It is meant for users requiring visual insight into vehicle locations and movement. This browser-based tool can be accessed on any standard workstation. Dashboard displays both transport and fleet operational history, as an optional feature. With logged data, operators can easily monitor fleet movements, tasks and KPIs, such as the number of transports completed. The system also automatically flags incidents of interest for later inspection.

Dashboard delivers real-time data of the fleet operations

By overviewing fleet operations, solving problems quickly, and viewing statistics, operators can maintain performance targets. Dashboard contains an up-to-date view of key performance indicators, such as transport count and fleet availability.

Consider FleetController and Dashboard to gain real-time oversight over your AGV fleet.

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