Rocla AGV Solution for paper industry

AGV Solutions for Paper and Board Industry

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe makes your operations in the paper and board industry safer and more efficient. Rocla Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions allow you to automate your in-house transport and warehousing of paper rolls, pallets of sheeted products and pulp bales.

AGV Benefits for Paper and Board Companies

  • Stop losing and misplacing products
  • Increase your machines’ up time by delivering rolls accurately and punctually
  • Avoid damage to goods and equipment caused by manual truck impact
  • Reduce waste thanks to the AGVs’ smooth, predictable handling
  • Eliminate the access issues caused by conveyors and cranes
  • Stay flexible when production and product handling requirements change
  • Know the total cost of ownership in advance
  • Implement AGV solutions without stopping production
Tailored Rocla AGV solutions for paper companies

Tailored AGV solutions for the paper and board industry

Your paper company will benefit from a combination of proven technology, trustworthy maintenance and expert staff behind Rocla AGV solutions. You can rely on the Rocla AGV modular design, which is based on tried and tested warehouse truck technology from Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe.

Tailored Rocla AGV solutions for paper industry

Continual performance improvement

With Rocla AGV solutions, your paper and board company won’t stand still. The team is there to support you, helping you boost efficiency and achieve continual improvement.

The Rocla AGV Solution for Paper and Board Companies

Paper Industry AGV
  • Wide range of models for paper mills
  • Proven record in paper industry
  • Tangible cost and efficiency benefits
  • Handle rolls carefully
  • Transport pallets smoothly
  • Cut out waste and product loss
Rocla Fleetcontroller AGV Software
  • User friendly
  • Developed by us in-house
  • Industry-leading product optimization
Rocla Life Cycle Services for AGV
  • Retain asset value
  • Smartly timed maintenance proposals
  • Audits by us to map your specific needs
Calculate your savings Rocla
  • Calculate return on investment
  • See why not deploying AGVs could cost
  • Discover tangible monetary benefit
Mixed Manual and Automated Warehouse Fleet Operations
  • Agile and flexible
  • Allows you to cut costs and risks
  • Compatible with existing operations

Automating paper industry logistics for lower costs and higher efficiency

Save money and boost your paper and board logistics efficiency with Rocla Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions. Rocla AGVs transport paper rolls, pallets and pulp bales quickly, smoothly and punctually. That cuts waste in the warehouse and raises the machines’ up time. Rocla AGVs also reduce damage, as they do not collide with machines the way manual trucks do.

Industry players benefit from the Rocla AGV team’s dedication

Rocla Automated Guided Vehicles are trusted by paper and board companies globally to reduce their costs and improve efficiency. They implemented these cost-saving solutions without stopping production, just as your paper and board company can. These industry players benefit from the Rocla AGV team’s dedication to continually boosting our customers’ industry performance through true partnership. Are you ready to take the next step and derive all the benefits from warehouse automation?

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Maximise your logistic performance

How do the most efficient paper and board companies in the world achieve their lean results? Through automation. Download this brochure to learn how.

We are trusted by industry-leading clients

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