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Logisnext Solutions

Logisnext Solutions was created as a comprehensive solution approach offered to our customers thanks to our wide range of material handling solutions and services. These consist of Rocla AGVs, forklifts & warehouse equipment (Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Cat® Lift Trucks and TCM), as well as other third-party solution components. Logisnext Solutions’ mission is to provide full logistic solutions and services to our customers and partners in collaboration with local business units. In this, we are backed up by our group company, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe. The solutions are more than just hardware: they include AI technology and asset-retaining maintenance throughout the life cycle. Logisnext Solutions offer businesses the perfect combination of automated and human-operated intra-logistics.

Logisnext Solutions: offering the perfect balance between automated and manual operations

Logisnext Solutions draws on the expertise in automation and material flow of our group company, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe, and four decades of AGV experience under the Rocla brand. We believe in judiciously selecting the right amount of automation for the customer’s process: this sometimes involves total automation, but sometimes involves a mix between automation and human labour. That is why we have developed Logisnext Solutions, our business offering based on the mixed fleet philosophy, our belief that the best of automated and human-operated intra-logistics can be combined to energize the customer’s business.

Today,  Logisnext Solutions offering gives customers a complete material handling solution, scalable to each customer’s needs, backed up by 26 subsidiaries and over a thousand dealers worldwide as part of the Mitsubishi Logisnext global network. For customers, this means such benefits as support from 24/7 helpdesks staffed by dedicated specialist teams.

Logisnext Solutions are with the customer every step of the way

The future of Mitsubishi Logisnext Solutions is in the perfect mix of automation and manual material handling, and this means more than just hardware or software. Instead, automation is part of a comprehensive ecosystem of all the solutions we deliver to each customer to solve their intra-logistic automation challenges. This means customers benefit from our expert advice on what is worth automating, and to what extent. Logisnext Solutions are with the customer every step of the way so their business can derive the benefits of optimal material flow that they need.

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