FleetController: smart, optimized, user-friendly AGV software for your needs

When you order a Rocla AGV solution, you get more than just the vehicles. You also get software that will ensure the AGVs operate as smoothly as possible, and that your systems interact as easily as possible.
Rocla FleetController Integration with WMS

FleetController is the software that we have designed in-house for optimizing AGV movements. If you already have warehouse software in place, FleetController can work with it. If not, we can provide you with a Warehouse Management System (WMS). In any event, your logistics facility gets three key benefits: smart automation for maximal capacity, intuitive and easy-to-use interaction with the software when you need it, and straightforward integration into your existing systems. Let us walk you through these in this article.

FleetController manages and optimizes the AGV fleet based on orders from the WMS. It ensures AGVs are where they need to be when they need to be. Based on transport orders from the Warehouse Management System, FleetController sends the AGVs on the most optimal routes, avoiding congestion. As a fully automated system, it will run on its own. A set of optimization algorithms ensure that you get the maximum capacity out of your fleet. Continuous optimization of the orders and routes ensures fluent, efficient traffic flow at all times.

The fleet of AGVs you have invested in will do the job it was intended for, achieving high material flow, in the most logical and optimal way. All this happens without you needing to plan routes or timing: our proprietary software does it for you, so you can focus on running the business instead of on logistics.

Our solution is designed for your processes, and not the other way around.

Smart, optimized automation is a great benefit in itself. However, there is more. Installing FleetController to run your AGV solution gives you peace of mind: it is a software suite designed for AGVs, and with long industry expertise of supporting customer processes. You don’t need a large transformation project — our solution is designed for your processes, and not the other way around.

Our aim is to help your facility achieve its automation project as smoothly as possible. A key element of that is the software: we want you to be able to start enjoying its benefits as soon as possible. Our skilled experts will design and install your FleetController system, with easy integration into your existing systems. This applies whether you already have your own Warehouse Management System or are ordering one from us.

We have seen that FleetController is smart, reliable and easy to install. Once in place, AGVs will run on their own. However, you may want to interact with the system: get an overview of your fleet’s movements, produce a report, or reserve a certain area of your warehouse for manual  forklift traffic. In these cases, Dashboard is at your service. Dashboard is the user interface of FleetController, and it is designed with ease and practicality in mind.

FleetController is software designed to serve your logistical facility’s needs — high material flow, safety and reliability — without getting in the way or causing headaches. Contact one of our specialists today if you are interested in making this powerful, intelligent software suite a part of your automation solution. We’ll be happy to help.

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