Reach Truck ART

ART (Automated Reach Truck) is a multipurpose solution that is especially suitable for large warehousing operations.

With several models available, we are able to offer solutions that are defined by customer needs. The original models ARTmf and ARTnf operate in aisles that have as little as 3-metre free space, can handle loads as heavy as 1600 kg and have a lifting capacity of up to 10 m.

Thanks to the new frame model, the new ARTsmf can operate in 2.85 m free-space aisles without compromising the lifting capacity. 

Rocla Reach Truck ART

Key Benefits of Reach Truck ART

  • Fast and reliable load handling
  • Agile turning radius
  • Lifting capacity of 10 m
  • Can operate in aisles as narrow as 2.85 m
  • Safe operations with advanced obstacle protection
  • Precise load handling

Rocla’s automated reach truck (ART) is designed to operate in aisles with free space as narrow as 2.85 m. New and innovative software and sensor technology considerably increase load handling speed. The lifting capacity of 10 m and agile turning radius aim to fulfil the requirements of the most common warehouses and make ART a great companion for other workers and vehicles in the facility. 

The short model of ART, a short-framed yet powerful Automated Reach Truck, brings even more opportunities to customers with very high storage facilities, where space optimisation is in demand. 

Designed to meet the ISO 3691-4 safety standard requirements and in line with the rest of our offering, ART counts on several safety features, such as safety scanners and a dynamic stability control system. Safety is complemented with fluency-enhancing accessories like the Proximity Detection System (PDS), which improves the co-working of AGVs, lift trucks and people in a shared warehouse environment.  

The unique safety installation creates a dynamic field in the moving direction, which allows the vehicle to turn faster. A dynamic stability control system constantly monitors speed, load weight and height, as well as reach position.

A pressure compensation system provides efficient and constant lifting regardless of the load weight. During load handling, collision detection ensures the safety of this operation.

Read more about our newest model here

In the solution, the AGV is just the beginning of the story

Tailored Rocla AGV solutions for logistics
  • Tailored solution
  • Higher material flow
  • Continual performance improvement
Rocla Life Cycle Services for AGV
  • Retain asset value
  • Smartly timed maintenance proposals
  • Audits by us to map your specific needs
Mixed Manual and Automated Warehouse Fleet Operations
  • Optimal level of automation
  • Less costs and risks
  • Ability to adjust to variations

Dimensional drawing

ARTmf ISO 800X1200

Download this document to learn more about the dimensional and space requirements of the Reach Truck AGV.

*Dimensions are indicative only. Details are subject to change.

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