Bale Clamp AWT

This solution is ideal for automated transport and warehousing of pulp bales at pulp mills, distribution warehouses, and paper and board mills.

Rocla Bale Clamp AWT

Key Benefits of Bale Clamp AWT

  • Transfer from a bale-wrapping line or truck unloading to pulp storage
  • Operation of pulp storage
  • Transport to de-wiring stations
  • Preparation of truck loading
  • Lifting height of up to 7,250 mm
  • Loads of up to 6,000 kg

The Bale clamp AWT is optimal for Block storage

Block storage is a storage method for pallets of uniform size. Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe offers a range of solutions for this storage option.

Bale clamp AWT: a reliable partner in automated paper industry facilities

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe has successfully helped a number of customers in recent years in the paper, print, packaging, and tissue industry solve logistics challenges through better material flow. Here, vehicles such as the Bale Clamp AWT have been key. Our intention is to standardize, digitalize and automate material handling, using the most rational option in each case. The goal is more reliable production and storage processes and the replacement of conventional material handling equipment. Rocla’s modern solutions offer a wide range of reliable and efficient applications in the paper industry, such as newsprint day storage and the commercial printing industry.

The advantages include driverless transportation, improved safety on the work floor, no damage to products, buildings or machinery, and product traceability.

In particular, the Bale Clamp AWT offers transfers from a bale-wrapping line or a truck being unloaded to pulp storage. It can also operate pulp storage, transport material to de-wiring stations, and prepare truck loading. It offers a lifting height of up to 7,250 mm and can lift loads of up to 6,000 kg.

With all of these features, we are sure your paper facility could benefit from automated guided vehicles and the Bale Clamp AWT as it seeks to make material flow safer and more reliable.

In the solution, the AGV is just the beginning of the story

Tailored Rocla AGV solutions for logistics
  • Tailored solution
  • Higher material flow
  • Continual performance improvement
Rocla Life Cycle Services for AGV
  • Retain asset value
  • Smartly timed maintenance proposals
  • Audits by us to map your specific needs
Mixed Manual and Automated Warehouse Fleet Operations
  • Optimal level of automation
  • Less costs and risks
  • Ability to adjust to variations

Dimensional drawing

AWTsc Bale Clamp ISO

Download this document to learn more about the dimensional and space requirements of the Reel Fork AGV.

*Dimensions are indicative only. Details are subject to change.

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