Red Dot Design Award 2024 to ACT

The automated compact truck ACT has been awarded the distinguished Red Dot Award in the category of Product Design 2024. ACT is an agile AGV designed to lift heavy loads in narrow spaces and excellently complements the existing Rocla AGV line.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. To properly assess the diversity in the field of design, the competition is divided into three disciplines: Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design, and Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Every year, the renowned Red Dot Award: Product Design honours products that impress with their exceptionally high design quality. This year, the entries came from 60 countries. The jurors tested and evaluated the products according to their respective types. The Red Dot jury, consisting of experts, assesses the submissions based on the four basic principles of good design: the quality of function, the quality of seduction, the quality of use, and the quality of responsibility.

ACT is an excellent choice for higher warehouses, where it works as a companion for other high-lifting vehicles and manually operated forklifts. ACT operates easily between warehouse and production or inbound and outbound areas, and it fits easily in the existing warehouse environment with minimal rack modifications. ACT is developed with optimal automation in mind. This means harmonious interaction between AGVs and manual operations, where all actors seamlessly communicate with each other and share the tasks. ACT works incredibly effectively with other warehouse AGVs. Read more about the winning vehicle here.

About Red Dot

The Red Dot Design Award looks back on almost 70 years of history: in 1955, a jury came together for the first time to assess the best designs of the time. In the 1990s, Red Dot CEO Professor Dr Peter Zec developed the name and brand of the award. Since then, the coveted “Red Dot” distinction has been the internationally recognised seal of outstanding design quality.